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Life and Faith in the Round. The church is strongest as people in a community living side-by-side, centered around Christ, and going out to always widen the circle and bless the world. Our logo reflects this vision with the “C” in the middle representing Chapel as a community centered in Christ and radiating outward with compassion and creativity.


We are here as a modern expression of a historic faith. Christianity has blessed the world for thousands of years and Chapel Roswell is here to carry on that tradition right here, right now – speaking a language people can understand and addressing life in a way that matters. Chapel Roswell is an open, creative environment where people can find their place and be a part of something holy.


This new movement of the church, right here in the heart of Roswell, is a fresh expression of the Christian faith started by Roswell United Methodist Church. Chapel Roswell is the product of the desire of a large, established church to find new and creative ways to be the church for the future. Help us write this story together.

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